Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Drone Errant is an ongoing cassette label focused on releasing punk/hardcore/noise, or whatever appeals to our taste. All cassettes are released in editions of somewhere in between 100 and 150 copies. Please get in touch if you wish to order or distribute our releases.

Upcoming releases:

DRONE - 005

Resurfacing their burnt scalps for a cassette release, Arizona's Pigeon Religion offer up two new tracks of fuzzed out "punk" from their confused, barren territory. Taking cues from prior state acts such as Kor-Phu, Mighty Sphincter, and Jr. Chemists, they seem to be carrying the torch for the style Arizona has been remembered for. These tracks could easily fit into Placebo Record's back catalog. A true modern oddity.

DRONE - 006
A new release by these disgustingly innovative hardcore bands ala the Bay Area. A joint venturing. Ecoli's past releases bring to mind a mix of the more insane early USHC releases (Koro, We the Living, early Meat Puppets) and a bag of international influence (CCM, Tranqulizer, Terveet Kadet), but with a modern edge. Migraine, on the other hand, take a more dark, abrasive approach by channeling bands like Septic Death, Deep Wound, and Crossed Out through a violent wall of noise. A truly abrasive composition of hatred. I cannot even begin to describe what this collusion will birth. Out in time for the upcoming tour.

DRONE - 007
These Canadians offer up a great recorded live set of some of their tracks off of their recent "More Reality" 12", some old hits, and a few cover songs. This isn't just any garbage rehash hardcore coming out on countless labels. Urban Blight could easily fit in with the early 80s CBGB's scene. Fans of the first Agnostic Front 7" will not be disappointed.

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